When might production of the original Auto Mag resume?

We started production in January but after making a small run and shipping part we got feedback on issues and ideas that we are are incorporating into the design and production line.

Update- October 5, 2016- We just started making barrels on the second run of the classic Auto Mag.

Update- Made and tested uppers but found several improvements that needed to be made to both the gun and the manufacturing process. These should be completed by Thanksgiving weekend. Once the uppers are ready and go into production we still will have to work on frame production. That should not take near as long as the upper.

Update- December 2nd all testing on the upper is complete and we will start production of 6 ½" uppers as soon as we catch up with request we will start making 8 ½". Also we have started production on milled frames.

Update- January 2017-Discovered a flaw in using 416 stainless and decided to use 410 instead. The problem with 410 is that it has to be mill poured and is not available from stock. It takes about 14-17 weeks. April 1st- Our 410 shipment will arrive next week. It has to be cut, heat teated, drilled, rifled, and machined. This should take about four weeks.

Upadte- April 4th 2018 - We are making changes too the magazine that will make it stronger because the material used in the new magazines would stretch out the feed lips only after a very limited amount of shooting . We also are planning on raising the overall height of the magazine as well to improve the feed on both the original and the new Auto Mags.  We may only change the material on the first pass and then modify the overall length depending on the time required.


When will the new Auto Mag Classic or Auto Mag X be available? 

Unfortunately, this is the agonizing part of building a new gun. It’s highly unlikely but our first prototype could work flawlessly and go straight into production. The chances of that happening are about as likely as being struck by lightning in the same place twice on the same day. It is much more likely that improvement opportunities will come up during testing. These improvement opportunities will require redesign, prototyping, production, and additional testing. This process may repeat itself multiple times as we strive to create a high-quality firearm designed to last a lifetime. This process could take a month or it could take a year. However, we believe that the timeline will fall somewhere between the two. We know this is not the answer that Auto Mag fans want to hear, but we assure you it is the right answer. We will not repeat the mistakes of the original Auto Mag. Our goal is to produce a high quality firearm, not to meet an arbitrary deadline. We appreciate your patience in advance and we’re confident that you will be glad we took this approach when the final product is revealed. 

Update- After testing the first X we found that, without the accelerator, it requires a much higher velocity cartridge than the original. We are continuing to develop and improve the design but have decided the make a new "classic design" retaining the accelerator but making improvements that we have learned in the process.

Update- August 30th 2016 we will start producing parts for the second prototype of the Classic. We should test guns available a few weeks later. Once we are satisfied with the tests, it will take another month to go into production. 

Update- We did testing of the production run of uppers and found several improvements that needed to be made to both the gun and the process. We should be testing again after Thanksgiving week.

Update- After many tests and changes over October and November, on December 2nd the gun shot flawlessly. We will make the final changes to the production line and go into production of uppers in December 2016.

Update- January 2018 We made and shipped a small batch of Founder's Edition's in January. Based on the feedback from those plus some in-house testing we found several; things that we could modify on the gun that would make the gun shoot a wider range of speeds and bullets styles plus making the gun much easier to cock. 

Update-April 4th 2018- We have stopped production to make changes to the production process to add several improvements to the gun. We will be sending email updates on the improvements to the customers.


How much will the new Auto Mag cost? 

They start at $3,495 for the 6 ½ Classic satin finish. The prices and options will be on the store on the website.

What is the marketing plan for the new Auto Mag?

The original company failed because they believed that the market would support thousands of Auto Mags being sold per month. Our business model is based on market analysis that supports sales of the new Auto Mag of approximately 150 pistols per month. As part of this market analysis, we have not planned for an extensive marketing strategy. We believe word of mouth, social media, web traffic and Auto Mag aficionados will drive sales. In general, we would like to sell directly to buyers. The buyer would pickup there gun from the dealer of there choice. This is not to cut out the dealers but to keep the communication channel direct with the customer.

Can I order a new Auto Mag now?

There are two options. You can go to the website and add yourself to the wait list or at times we will offer a limited number of guns for pre-order. Those require payment and typically waiting 90 days to receive.

In what calibers will the new Auto Mag come?

Initially the new Auto Mag will only be offered in .44 amp. Later we will offer it in .357 amp and possibly the.45 Win Mag (we are testing it for safety considerations. We have worked with Starline Brass to produce a run of 100,000 cases for the .44 amp cartridge. We are also in discussions with several ammunition manufacturers to start a line of .44 amp ammunition. We have entered in an agreement with SBR Ammunition of Brunswick Georgia to produce ammunition for the Auto Mag.  They also have an arrangement to distribute through Midway. We will endeavor to make ammunition and reloading components available at reasonable prices. We understand reasonably priced ammunition and reloading components will be a factor considered by potential purchases when deciding to buy a new Auto Mag. After all, what fun will a new Auto Mag be if you can’t fire it. 

Will the new Auto Mag have more than one barrel length?

Initial production of the new Auto Mag will be in one barrel length, 6.5”. One of the great benefits of the Auto Mag is being able to change barrel in a matter of seconds. As such, we will weigh market demand when deciding on producing additional barrel lengths. Update September 21, 2016- there will be at least an 8½ " barrel but we will not offer additional barrels or calibers until after the initially demand is met.

Will the Auto Mag be available in more than the original .44 amp?

Yes but, this will be another item that will not be available until the initial requests are met. The first additional caliber will be .357 amp it's also likely to have .45 win mag. Probably in 2018.

What about ammo?

We have purchased over 100,000 cases from Starline and are in discussions with several manufacturers. Our goal is to make Auto Mag ammunition readily available at reasonable prices.

Update- August 2016 SBR Ammunition out of Brunswick Georgia has already committed and we are in discussion with two more. We will make sure cartridge cases are available to the reloader market.

Update-SBR started production of ammunition December 2nd. Auto Mag will likely have a gun on display at SBR Ammunition's booth at the 2017 SHOT show.

For reloaders, we have this document available: Data on Reloading

What about parts?

April 2017 - We are working on a new website for parts and will post an update to this soon.

Update- Our test run of magazines are being done October 2016. (Delayed until February 2017.)

Update- October 14th-We now have new ejectors and bolt rotational pins in stock.

Will is be available for sale in California?

We are going to apply but we can’t until we have the production model ready. If there is any reasonable way possible we will make it available for sale in California.

Update- Sept 9th 2016 We did try but it does not look feasible at this time.

There may be a possibility to acquire one under the Curios & Relics program.

Will we do repairs and refurbishing of original Auto Mag?

Yes, but not until we have the new gun in production. The people that have the ability to do good gunsmithing on the Auto Mag are the same one's that are helping with getting the gun into production. Once the gun goes into production they will be free to do work on existing Auto Mags.